Super Hero (2018) Bangla Full Movie Download By Shakib Khan,Bubli

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Super Hero (2018) Bangla Full Movie Download By Shakib Khan,Bubli

Super Hero (2018) Bangla Full Movie Download By Shakib Khan,Bubli

2hr 9min | Action, Adventure, Sci-fi | 2 July 2019 (USA)

IMDb Ratings : 7.9/10 (147,649 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes : 90%

Storyline : Super Hero,” featuring the Shakib and Bubly duo in the lead roles, was, overall, an entertaining action film; and it managed to hold my attention during its two and a half-hour-long run time. This, of course, is rare as many commercial Bangladeshi films are so badly written that they make the audience leave the theatre within the first hour.

My complaints about the high-budget film lie in its technical issues. From the very first sequence, what hit me was the poor quality of its dubbing. The audio lagged about half a second after the footage—resulting in creepy, out-of- sync dialogue. It is 2018 and Bangladeshi films are still using dated Automated Dialogue Replacement (commonly known as ADR) processes for its dialogue. In the rest of the world, this process only used to fix errors during production.

Ever wondered why the dialogue in commercial Bangla films always sounds a bit unnatural? The reason behind this is that Bangladeshi films still follow an obsolete ADR process —where they dub all the dialogue during post-production. There is nothing wrong with this method theoretically, but when the audio is not mixed properly, the lip sync is unsynchronised and creates an unnatural aura throughout the film which is very hard to adapt to. It has been decades since the introduction of live, on set, production sound systems— Hollywood, and even some Bollywood films use it.. So, why is the Bangladeshi film industry lagging and still producing these odd-sounding big-budget films? In this case, unnatural out-of-sync audio continued throughout the film—which was very uncomfortable for me.

Director : Laxman Utekar
Stars : Shakib Khan, Salman Arif, Sadek Bachchu

Language : Bangla
Quality : WEB-HD
Resolution : 480P | 720P
Size : 500MB | 1GB



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